We believe the extortion and deliberate mistreatment of other humans in order to make money is wrong and the misuse of this beautiful planet we all inhabit is wrong too.

We aim to be as ethical as we possibly can be in all our practices from the sourcing and printing of our garments right through to the packaging when we send them off to your door.
Here's the important stuff:

All the garments we use are made by Continental. They all certify to the Fair Wear Foundation's codes of labour practices, this means they are free from sweatshop and child labour. Fair Wear Foundation have created a transparent supply chain and are comitted to monitoring all of their manufacturers. All of our garments are also made from 100% Organic cotton and they're Fairly Traded.

All our printing is done by Fingerprints, they are a locally based printing company and work with a strict ethical policy too. They use only water based inks to print the garments with, this means there are no harmful chemicals released into the environment and the prints do not need to be set using heat, which saves energy.

We use 100% recycled envelopes to post our clothing in, these are cheaper than normal envelopes so it saves on costs to our Customers. (Surely it's a no-brainer really?) We also use bio-degradable clear bags to present our garments in, these are made from corn starch.